The iPad app for professional coaching & mentoring.


Support at every stage.

Apply a consistent, professional approach.

Transparency and collaboration help you to maintain accountability and stay on track.


Less clutter.

Easy to understand.

Keep track of multiple coaching assignments

BusiBI is built for professional coaches working with multiple assignments.

Our mobile apps help you to work more effectively, track and demonstrate progress.

Cubicles are not
for coaching catchups.

Roam free with BusiBI, even without internet access.
Build and access your coaching plans on planes, trains and automobiles
Or your local coffee shop. Just synch when you have a connection.

Keep it together.

Don't be overwhelmed with emails, paper and databases for your coaching assignments.

Neatly file away your contact details, coaching plans, goals, KPIs, action plans, meetings and documentation together in one place.

On your iPad.

Tailor each plan to each person.

Create individual action plans and track KPIs for each person.

BusiBI is easily shaped for different coaching methodologies,
roles and industries.

Use your own language and methodology.

Reusable templates and bulk import/export features save you time.

Made with T.S.P.

Touch. Swipe. Pinch.

BusiBI is an intuitive, fun mobile app that works anywhere. Develop your coaching plans together.

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