The iPad app for Procurement Managers.


Consistency and transparency in procurement.

Vendors and possibly your own company's managers
may circumvent procurement, knowingly or otherwise.

Support your people and procurement process with technology to mitigate risk and save time and money.

An intuitive app that your people aren't afraid of,
combined with editable, reusable templates
helps to maintain transparency and consistency.

Analytics aren't
just for ESPN.

BusiBI gives you real-time feedback across your procurement portfolio.

Visually track status across the lifecycle, through
analysis, strategic sourcing, procure-to-pay,
fulfillment and contract management.

An iPad just works.

Unnecessarily complex systems can grate on your employees and work against you.

Work together as a team with TSP.

Touch. Swipe. Pinch.

Escape your cubicle.

Roam free with BusiBI, even without internet access.

BusiBI apps work perfectly on planes, trains and automobiles.
Or at your local coffee shop.

Keep it together.

Don't be overwhelmed by emails, paper, spreadsheets and databases.

Neatly file away each project, schedules, pricing history and documentation together in the one place you can carry at all times.

On your iPad.

Your methodology.

BusiBI is easily configurable for your business.

Use your own language and workflow.

Reusable templates and bulk import/export features save you time.

Made with T.S.P.

Touch. Swipe. Pinch.

BusiBI is an intuitive, fun mobile app that works anywhere.

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